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Sidewalk Stompers is about building community! Become a community member and support our school outreach efforts an safety advocacy.

Email sidewalkstompers@gmail.com to donate now!

Member levels:

  • $10 Sneakers

  • $25 Scooters

  • $50 Spokes


We can grow our efforts to the next level and better advocate for safe routes to school with support from business and community sponsors.

Email sidewalkstompers@gmail.com to donate now!

Sponsor levels:

  • $100 Sidewalks

  • $500 Crosswalks

  • $1000 Walk Safe



Sidewalk Stompers depends on volunteer help to serve our student walkers and bikers. We have needs whatever your time and skills. Some examples:

  • Fundraising

  • Social media

  • Media and events

  • School specific support

  • Advocacy

And more! Email sidewalk stompers@gmail.com if you would like to be a part of Sidewalk Stompers. Student volunteers welcome, too!