Safe walking and biking infrastructure is essential to promoting a healthier, more active future for our children. Children need safe crossings, clear sight-lines, and slow speeds. But most of all, they need a place to walk: sidewalks. 

Most elementary-aged children are shorter than an SUV's front end - there is simply no way to make them visible enough to drivers when walking in the street. The majority of Tampa's neighborhoods (built in decades before cars were dominant) lack a safe sidewalk network on school walking routes.

Tampa's children need sidewalks! Here's how you can be a part of Sidewalk Stompers efforts to meet this goal:

1. Don't park across sidewalks (it's the law).

  • Ask nicely! Click here to find out how to ask your neighbors to move their cars out of your sidewalk access. 

  • Report it! The Tampa Police Department can't show up to every blocked sidewalk, but reporting it helps them

2. Update City of Tampa sidewalk ordinance 22-103 to make sure that a sidewalk is part of all neighborhood residential new construction. Contact if you are interested in being part of a neighborhood coalition working on this project.

3. Prioritize school walking routes in future City sidewalk installation projects. The Metropolitan Planning Organization's former School Transportation Working Group piloted this design with 12 schools in Hillsborough County. Let's ask our elected leaders to follow this lead.